Pediatric Occupational Therapy


Therapist st clair shores
Therapist st clair shores
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Goal Settings.
We create a detailed plan that fits your needs and concerns so that we appropriately evaluate progress.
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Play with purpose.
30 Therapy session Treatment Plan.
​2-5 sessions per week.
St clair occupational therapy
At the end of your sessions, we'll do another evaluation to understand the progress that has been made and how to proceed.

Our most common Evaluation

Testing of fine and gross motor coordination. Therapist does some observations of sensory processing while testing. They will use the results of this evaluation to write a treatment plan and sets goals.

1.5 hours, Any age

We are in-network with BCBS PPO plans, Macomb County Community Mental Health and Tricare Select.

We call bill all other PPO plans out-of-network. We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid or HMO plans.
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St clair occupational therapy


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Pediatric Occupational Therapy
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